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About two weeks later our muscles had almost forgiven us for our faux pas, so we decided to once again venture out into the unknown on Sunday 23 January 2011. The weather wasn't great, but at least it didn't rain, it was just a bit windy but warm (about 10 degrees). This time a walk in our own neighbourhood was on the menu, conveniently organised by a walking organization. To get used to the distance, we once again enrolled ourselves into the 10 km walk. After figuring out what the hell the small papers were we got handed (they turned out to be insurance forms) by the organization we set off after the other 100 walkers that had preceded us. We figured this would be a walk in the park as most walkers were aged 50 or over, but boy were we wrong :s. After about 2 minutes most people started asking us if we could move to the side so they could pass and then they would disappear on the horizon. This could only mean one thing: WE WERE SLOW! These old(er) people were passing us left right and center at a brisk pace and all we could do was let them cause no way in hell could we keep up with them. BURN :p Well we managed to do this walk in 2 hours flat, so at least there was improvement. Afterward the muscles once again complained, but surprisingly not so much as last time. On the upside, we didn't miss any turns or had to jump any creeks. So all in all, progress :)
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On Sunday 9 January 2011 we made our first attempt at training for Walking the Wall. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and a balmy 3 degrees Celsius, so a short walk of 10 kilometers was presented to us. 10 km seemed like an insurmountable distance so we took our precautions and packed lunch and left at 11 am so as to make sure we would be home before dark (around 5 pm). We took a route that was in our friends neighbourhood so that we would be close to home if something was to go wrong. And ooh how it went wrong :). About 1 km into the walk we got ourselves lost and started taking short-cuts back to the main road only to be faced with one final obstacle: a creek :s. So jump it we did :). Somehow we managed to not break our necks and finally after an hour and a half of walking we arrived at the beautiful little commune of Gestel (about 1 km from where we started). So we decided that the little bench in front of the historical church would be ideal for our lunch. We sat down, called home to check in and asked if they would bring us some pastries and low and behold about 10 minutes later we were enjoying a gourmet lunch :) brought by our friends mother :). As soon as lunch was eaten we decided to bravely move on and hopefully we wouldn't get lost anymore (all we had to do was follow some arrows, how hard could that be right :)). 2 hours later we arrived back home, in wonderment that walking 10 kilometers only took us 2 hours and a half. We had survived our first attempt, but a few hours later we were all in misery as our muscles decided to be heard. They sure as hell didn't like this abuse yet!
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Once upon a time there were two sisters who visited Hadrian's Wall in the United Kingdom, because they are both mad about history. They had visited several of the Roman ruins, mile castles and encampments when the oldest of the two brought forth the following idea:

"Hey, how about we come back in the summer and walk the wall? You know from coast to coast."

To which the younger sister replied:

"Are you nuts?"

But nuts or not, the idea was rather compelling and thus once back home they started planning this crazy idea, dragging one of their best friends straight into it.

As the trip started to take shape, they realized that training for it wouldn't be such a bad idea and thus the trio started on a training schedule which basically means walking, walking, walking and more walking... in order to get in shape for the big walking trip.

This is their story and how they are preparing for it...

Follow them during training. Go shopping with them for shoes, socks, sweaters, ... and other atributes they might need.

Travel with them every step of the way and encourage them to keep going!


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