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Once upon a time there were two sisters who visited Hadrian's Wall in the United Kingdom, because they are both mad about history. They had visited several of the Roman ruins, mile castles and encampments when the oldest of the two brought forth the following idea:

"Hey, how about we come back in the summer and walk the wall? You know from coast to coast."

To which the younger sister replied:

"Are you nuts?"

But nuts or not, the idea was rather compelling and thus once back home they started planning this crazy idea, dragging one of their best friends straight into it.

As the trip started to take shape, they realized that training for it wouldn't be such a bad idea and thus the trio started on a training schedule which basically means walking, walking, walking and more walking... in order to get in shape for the big walking trip.

This is their story and how they are preparing for it...

Follow them during training. Go shopping with them for shoes, socks, sweaters, ... and other atributes they might need.

Travel with them every step of the way and encourage them to keep going!


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